Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visual Learner Resources


In order to help out our visual learners with their writing project at the end of Module 1, Unit 2 for CC ELA on engageny, I worked on creating a comparing and contrasting web of the changes that Esperanza experiences during the novel. Also, because we're working on memoirs in our writer's workshop, I'll also share the story mountain we've been using to help the kids map out their seed ideas. We had them write the seed idea at the top of the mountain and then work backwards to see where they might begin their story and then finish up with the solution and conclusion. So far, this has helped a lot as many of our writers end up beginning with waking up in the morning EVERY SINGLE TIME they start a story and, thus far, this has cut this down to only about a quarter of the students starting that way. Thus far, they've been getting a lot better working in some descriptive writing. I'll post the rubric that I adapted to go along with the project some time soon!

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