Thursday, August 29, 2013

Room Set-Up and Bulletin Board 2013-2014

My co-teacher and I have been working hard on our classroom, as evidenced by my inability to remember to wear deodorant and having to go downstairs and steal some from a colleague (de nada, Work Wife). We had to pack up and move in June to our "swing space" (another school building where we'll be while they update our old building--alguien puede decir aire acondicionado?!?) and just got into our room on August 19th to unpack. Talk about time crunch... I need a solid month to settle in. Which I have never gotten. 

Anyway, here are some pics of our room set-up thus far, though it's still lookin' like a hot mess. 

Would you believe we actually purged a ton of our stuff, already?

Just look at the potential for greatness!

The yellow, black, white, and lime green theme we had last year is back and better than ever. I have yet to take updated pictures but I'll throw it out there now that we have two new black bean bag chairs and zebra print caddies on wheels. Livin' large!

iRead... very cool
Outdated and too much rainbow

Oh, also, I totes stole this idea off of pinterest for our bulletin board
But I had to update to the iPhone... obviously.

Took me cumulatively 3 hours to do, ugh. But isn't it glorious?!

Once students arrive, we'll be taking photos of them reading in the classroom. I'm hoping we can use the iPhones as a border for different types of student work, eventually, as well. Maybe a texting conversation of themselves with the main character of a book... Who knows? I'm obviously getting ahead of myself as I haven't even met them yet... However, I'm getting excited for this year!


  1. What an awesome idea! They will definitely will be more involved and willing to do it. Also, it probably makes you the coolest 5th grade teacher.

    1. Thanks, Ximena! Come in and visit our class any time!